Member Profile- West Branch Aviation

West Branch Aviation

Have you ever dreamed of flying over the top of Katahdin, and seeing the whole region from the air? You can! One of the hidden gems of the Katahdin Region is West Branch Aviation, and that is their business and goal…to show visitors and locals alike the wonders of our region from the air.

West Branch Aviation has offered scenic and exciting plane rides for about 20 years. They have two planes to choose from, offering difference experiences: the PA Twelve is a 2-person plane (the pilot and the passenger) which provides the Bush Pilot experience of flying slower and lower over the landscape, providing a more exhilarating ride. The other plane, a Skyhawk, can carry up to 3 passengers, and provides more of the tour experience. One common trip is to fly you up over Millinocket Lake, then down the Penobscot, giving you the full water view in 1/2 hour. One of the hour-long trips takes you over the mountain and the water, or to Chesuncook Village and the Chesuncook Boom house. Or, you can talk to Tony and design your own trip–personalize it to fit your wishes. Whatever trip you choose, Tony will act as both pilot and tour guide, offering historic and local information to the passengers.

While their busiest time is during the summer season and for fall foliage, both Tony and Ramona love the winter trips when the snow is glistening everywhere. And because West Branch Aviation flies year-round, you can fly in any season and get a great view and a wonderful experience.

Call them at 207 723-4375 to experience the thrill of the Katahdin Region by air!



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