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The Katahdin Chamber is a membership-supported, nonprofit organization providing support to the businesses and communities in the Katahdin Region 


Our mission is to strengthen and advance the economic vitality of the Katahdin Region.  We do this through promotion, advocacy, collaboration, workforce development, and support for business and professional services in our communities by fostering a strong workforce of future leaders.  Surrounded by the natural beauty synonymous with the world-class Mount Katahdin, our Chamber proudly serves as a host to welcome guests and for those choosing to relocate to our Region to facilitate making the Katahdin Region – home. We collaborate with businesses and groups redefining a vision for the future.  This is an exciting time to join us!


Promote – The Katahdin Chamber is the primary ‘destination-marketing’ organization for business and tourism in the Katahdin Region.  Through our strong relationships with multiple media outlets, our Chamber provides exclusive advertising opportunities to members and helps to promote the various festivals and events that increases exposure of the Region to visitors, residents, former residents, and with other businesses.

Advocacy – The Katahdin Chamber is committed to being the ‘voice of business’ seeking to influence legislation and regulation by local, state and federal governments in a proactive manner, supporting legislation that benefits businesses and the communities in which they reside and when necessary, opposing legislation that may not positively impact our Region.

Collaboration – The Katahdin Chamber is proud to provide support to the business and residential communities in the following ways:

  • Provide a network for business owners to cultivate relationships with other business owners and community members.
  • Strengthen the voice of regional business and professional services as a benefit of Chamber membership.
  • Develop next-generation communities, advancing economic vitality and quality of life for all communities in the Katahdin Region.
  • Assist guests and visitors to the Katahdin Region by offering strategically located visitor centers (Millinocket, Medway) as well as organizing and promoting annual events that provide opportunities for collaboration between the businesses and residents to enhance overall hospitality within our communities.


Together we are stronger.  Communities North, South, East, and West of Mount Katahdin are the Katahdin Chamber.  

Becoming a member of the Chamber comes with benefits for your business or organization.  Marketing, workforce development, insurance products, networking regionally, and across the state are a few direct benefits.  We are your advocate in the county, the state, and in Washington DC.  

We offer tailored memberships aligned with the diversity of the composition of our region including business memberships, nonprofit membership, individual friend membership and our Cornerstone membership.  Collectively we collaborate to improve the lives of our residents, employees and the region in general. 
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  • Listing within the searchable business directories of our new and improved website,, as well as our annual Katahdin Region Visitor’s Guide that is distributed virtually (and tracked analytically) via ISSUU, locally, state-wide through a network of chamber information centers and in our mailings.
  • Promotion of your company or organization and your upcoming events, sales, products, news, employment opportunities, through word of mouth, distribution of marketing materials, postings in our Millinocket office and Medway Information Center, email, social media, the community calendar on our website and our marque sign – we are always looking for innovative ways to bring added value to your organization. And our relationship with you.   “Meet a Member is a new showcase that features a new member each month!  Join us and we’ll help promote your hard work.
  • Invitations to attend or host Chamber events such as our quarterly get-togethers, board meetings, Chamber After Hours and other networking programs build stronger alliances within our region.  
  • Ribbon cutting – a great way to promote a new business, relocation, or expansion of your long-standing business or new products/services you may add to a business or nonprofit.  You provide the event; we provide the spotlight (and the scissors)!
  • Promotion of your organization by Chamber staff through phone, email, social media, and face-to-face referrals.
  • Insurance for chamber members is often lower in cost and broader in scope.  Our director of membership services has all the details.
  • Provision of our annual Katahdin Chamber Visitor’s Guide in both print and virtual editions to display at your organization or link to your website.
  • Display your marketing materials – brochures, literature, menu, rack and business cards, maps, flyers, whatever you have that carries your name will have a place at our two visitor center locations.
  • Perks – use of our equipment including tents, chairs, tables, projector, screen, sound system and more.  As well as free vendor space at our events and festivals (excludes food vendors and need for access to electricity).
  • Opportunities to advertise in our visitor Guide and maps for a discounted fee.  All services are offered at both a discounted member rate and at full cost nonmember rate; your membership is added value .
  • Our bi-annual Katahdin Region Street Map is distributed locally, via mail upon request and provided at select locations in the community.  There are multiple size ad spaces as well as listing on the mat that will be offered again in 2021.  This is the only street map current produced locally. Our snowmobile and ATV maps will be widely used when produced in 2021; elevate your services to this important economic development tool!


Katahdin Chamber of Commerce is excited to make available to our members access to what we believe is a smart way to offer your company’s 401(k). This 401(k) benefit is known as a Multiple Employer Aggregation Program (MEAP) and provides many of the advantages of joining other businesses in a group program, primarily service and buying power. The Katahdin Chamber of Commerce Member 401(k) program is designed to help take away almost all of the work, responsibility, and fiduciary liability that is associated with operating your companies 401(k), and usually at a similar or better price.

We believe that taking much of the non-income producing functions off your plate, so that you can focus time on running a successful business, just makes good sense. Please take time to watch the video and review the materials to help you better understand why joining the “Katahdin Chamber of Commerce Member 401(k) Program” could be a smart decision for you and your business. For more information, please email or call our 401(k) program consultant:

J.M. Arbour
77 Water Street
Hallowell, ME 04347-1411
(207) 248-6767 


Our basic membership fee structure is assessed by the number of full-time (equivalent) employees on your payroll and by category of membership.  


Number of Employees Membership Cost
1-3 Emp $175
4-10 Emp $230
11-20 Emp $420
21-49 Emp $565
50+ Emp $775



Number of Employees Membership Cost
0-10 Emp $150
11-49 Emp $300
50+ Emp $450

(based on population)

Population Membership Cost
Under 1,000 $500
1,000 – 2,000 $1,000
2,000 + $1,500




Do you have more than one organization or business?

We offer a discounted basic members rate for each additional organization you enroll; for each additional organization, a fee of $100 will entitle all parts as Katahdin Chamber members.  

Individual Membership ($125)

An increasingly popular new membership group is our Individual category at $125, great for students, sometimes residents who choose to support our region and for retirees. You have so much to offer and we look forward to having your membership advocacy! 

Cornerstone Membership ($2,000)

This option is recommended for municipalities and large organizations to have the greatest visibility.  A Cornerstone Membership includes all of the benefits of basic membership as well as:

Logo displayed on the Chamber website footer, Chamber newsletter, all official Chamber emails, general print materials, as well as framed for additional recognition within our two highly visible visitors’ centers.

Listing of your organization on our soon to be released mobile app

Rectangular Graphic Ad Space for your organization on an appropriate directory page of our current improved website

Free Basic Membership for additional organizations in your ownership

Promote –  Promote – Promote

Chamber Memberships provide all of that and more include co-operative advertising in tourism publications such as Maine Invites You, Downeast Magazine, Activities Guide of Maine, trade shows, resource fairs, networking opportunities, regional marketing, special events and a changing array of visible promotions for the Katahdin Region.

Meet – Meet – Meet

Quarterly Membership Meeting dinners are open to all members and we encourage members to bring guests to learn about the Chamber and to experience the awesome hospitality within our region.  Each meeting features topics, interesting speakers and information pertaining to the region.  We welcome you to take part in these quarterly meetings as they are a great way to meet the people behind the businesses and enjoy time with other like-minded people in the Katahdin region.

Connect – Connect – Connect

We work for you.  We want to serve all members to the best of our ability.  Contact us in person, telephone or by email… or invite us to visit with you at your place of business! We also host a networking and info sharing group on Facebook called “Katahdin Chamber Members Only”. We’ll be sure to invite you upon joining. Our goals are to grow the region.  You’re important to us.  We want to earn your trust and support.


Katahdin Visitor’s Guide – Both in print & digital/interactive

Thousands printed & distributed annually – locally, statewide, worldwide

The Katahdin Area Visitor’s Guide is a full color 100 page booklet produces by the Chamber annually for the most up-to-date listings, maps, and information for our visitors. Four seasons of recreation and regional activities are included. We distribute this guide to information centers across the state, our local businesses, mail by request, and now in a downloadable, digital, interactive format!

All members are listed, free of charge, within the directory in the back of the booklet and may be mentioned as points of reference within. This is also a great opportunity for additional paid advertising. 

Full Page (5”x8”) $550 – Premium Placement $650

½ Page (5”x3.875”) $350

¼ page (5”x3.875”) $250

Katahdin Area Snowmobile Map

Thousands printed and distributed annually – Locally, statewide, worldwide & digitally

The Katahdin Area Snowmobile Map is a full-color map produced by the Chamber annually and distributed throughout information centers across the state and the Katahdin region, at local businesses, via mail and digital download. It includes ITS information as well as local connectors, gas, food, and lodging points. Produced in the fall to be ready for winter. 

Full Panel (3.5”x8.5”) $700

½ Panel (3.5”x4.125”) $450

¼ Panel (3.5”x1.87”) $275

Website Graphic Ads

Graphic ads are static ads placed on the category pages; Stay, Play, Live, Eat, Shop. Cost is per ad with a discount on two or more. Each type has specific design requirements for quality purposes and must meet approval by our design team. You may choose to place ads on one, two, three, or four applicable category pages for your organization. One free horizontal or vertical ad is included for Cornerstone Members, which counts towards the discount. Ads run for the full membership year but can be updated/changed at any time by request. 

Square Graphic – One for $100, Two for $190, Three for $270, Four for $340

Vertical Graphic – One for $200, Two for $375, Three for $525, Four for $650

Horizontal Graphic – One for $200, Two for $375, Three for $525, Four for $650

Premium Website Ads

Premium ads are rotating (static if only one) ads placed on the category pages: Stay, Play, Live, Eat, Shop. Cost is per ad with a discount on two or more. The premium ad requires specific design requirements for quality purposes. You may choose to place ads on one, two, three, or four applicable category pages for your organization. Ads run for the full membership year but can be updated/changed upon request. ($300 each)

Premium Horizontal Banner

A horizontal, rectangular ad placed at the top of the category page in the premium ad space which provides the greatest level of visibility. ($500 each)

External Marketing Opportunities

Throughout the year we look for collaborative partnerships to offer our members, marketing opportunities that shine a bright light on the Katahdin Region that will be structured to benefit members only. 
Maine Invites You is published by the Maine Tourism Association, has a distribution of over 300,000, and its magazine format is widely used across the globe at trade shows, international trade events and in response to the increasing number of requests made by people searching for the Maine experience.  Katahdin is on the map, figuratively and literally; our Chamber members have found increased traffic into the region thanks to opportunities such as these.  Our director of membership services has all the details.

Additional Co-Op Advertising Opportunities are vetted throughout the year.  Have an idea for your trade, skill and/or need?  Let us know and we’ll research how the Katahdin Chamber can help bring lower cost opportunities to you and in turn benefit other members.  

Contact us

For updates, details and information on events, meetings, membership and more – we’re here with you and for you.  Stay in touch!

Facebook –

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(207) 723-4443

Main office located at 1029 Central Street, Millinocket ME 04462



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