Another popular set of trails starts at the Northern Timber Cruisers Clubhouse which is approximately 1.5 miles outside of Millinocket on the Baxter State Park Road. These trails are completely separate from the snowmobile trails that tie into the Clubhouse and are also groomed with set tracks for traditional skiing. Light lunches are served from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekends at the NTC clubhouse.

There are three parallel trails going north from the clubhouse: A West, A East and K Trails. The A trail splits into A West and A East a short distance north of the clubhouse. Each route has occasional views of Mt. Katahdin and is generally well sheltered in the woods. Skiers may take 3 to 5 mile loops through the woods or may extend their trip up to as much as 9 miles round trip across Little Smith Pond and a wetland area to a warming hut on the far or northern side of the wetland (technically a fen). These open areas provide magnificent views of Mount Katahdin, but are only usable after the wet areas are well frozen and when visibility is good.

A East - This trail comes out onto the K Trail. There are a number of moderate uphills as you head north.
A West - Goes northwest to Little Smith Brook Pond and then to either B West or C Trail to form loops. This trail has few hills.

B West Loop - Goes northeast to Little Smith Brook Pond then crosses the pond to A West and returns to the clubhouse to make a loop roughly 3 miles long.

C Trail - Connects A West and K Trail making a 5.5 mile loop.  Travel counter clockwise (A-East or K, then C, then A-West) to minimize steep downhills.

K Trail - This trail goes north from the Clubhouse, parallel and east of the A Trail. There is a steep hill with a curve 300 yards north of the Clubhouse. A quarter mile from the clubhouse, the K Trail becomes an unplowed truck road. This wide opening in the forest is windy and very COLD when there is a north wind. 1.1 miles north of the clubhouse the K Trail goes to the right and runs paralled and east of the truck road. (Big Rock), a large erratic, is on the right. The K Trail extends 0.7 miles as a separate trail parallel the truck road. The truck rd. leaves the K Trail (goes northeast).  The K Trail connects with the C Trail (which goes west to the A West Trail).  The K Trail continues north, crosses a bridge then continues 1.7 miles to the warming hut. The Warming Hut is a 6'x8' A-frame equipped with a woodstove. Visitors are welcome to stop and warm up! K Trail hills are steepest when going south.

These track set trails are maintained by volunteers with the Northern Timber Cruisers and Cross Country Ski Club and are available for your use without a fee. Donations to assist with maintenance costs are welcome and may be sent to the Northern Timber Cruisers, P.O. Box 269, Millinocket, Maine 04462-0269 with the notation, "Ski Trails".

A map of the NTC trails can be downloaded here.  For more information, visit the NTC website:

Parking is available at the Northern Timber Cruisers Clubhouse.


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