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Trailside Country Store‘s primary goal is to provide locally grown and produced foods and goods to benefit both customers and the local producers. Susan D’Allessandro, the manager, searched all over Maine for a variety of foods, wines, beers, cheeses and dairy products, vegetables, and even condiments that are locally sourced and healthy. She also followed the five key values of retail: understanding her  customer’s needs, providing accessibility, proactive communication, integrity, and a high quality product. She found that there are a lot of folks in this region that need gluten free, dairy free and organic foods, so she has supplied those foods. She tries to buy from companies that are civic minded and donate a percentage of their sales to charities. And she tries to honor requests for products. The store is a unique blend of healthy food products (check out the organic, gluten free marshmallows) and locally made craft items that offer residents and visitors alike the chance to be part of our community. Her favorite aspect of the store, however, is learning the stories of the farmers and craftsmen that bring their products to sell.

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