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Appalachian Mountain Club
Street: 15 Moosehead Lake Road
City: Greenville
State: Maine
Phone: (207) 695-3085
Fin & Feather Club of Maine
Street: PO Box 123
City: Millinocket
State: Maine
Phone: 207-447-0511
Friends of Baxter State Park
Street: P.O. Box 322
City: Belfast
State: Maine
Phone: 207-975-3787
Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters
City: Portland
State: Maine
Phone: 207-518-9462
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Friends of the Millinocket Memorial Library
Street: 5 Maine Avenue
City: Millinocket
State: Maine
Phone: 207-723-4146
Hunting Works For Me
Street: 4930 S Western Avenue #320
City: Sioux Falls
State: SD
Phone: 207-613-1004
Katahdin Area Arts Festival
City: Millinocket
State: Maine
Phone: 603-767-6405
Katahdin Friends, Inc. (KFI)
Street: 1024 Central Street, Suite A
City: Millinocket
State: Maine
Phone: 207-723-9466
Website: KFI
Knights of Columbus #680
Street: 27 Highland Ave.
City: Millinocket
State: Maine
Phone: (207) 723-1169
Living Innovations
Street: 158 Penobscot Avenue
City: Millinocket
State: Maine
Phone: 207-723-6556
A mission and values driven organization

Living Innovations provides support to people with disabilities to have a good life at home and in the community. We have led the way in advancing the shared living approach in the provider community to the great benefit of so many. As Living Innovations continues to grow, additional services such as in-home supports, case management, children’s services and others have been added. The agency today provides services for around a thousand people with disabilities. 

Our Core Values include:
Supporting People is First
Honor All Support Providers
Strengthen Communities
Uncompromising Honest and Integrity
Never Give Up
Optimistic and Cheerful
Growth Through Innovation

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Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce
1029 Central St. Millinocket, ME 04462
(207) 723-4443