Located on Route 11, the Bait Hole offers double-tracked and single-tracked ski trails.  Impressive views of Mt. Katahdin may be seen from the shores of Elbow Lake. This trail system can be skied with minimum snow cover and the trails are wide, well-groomed and mostly flat with a couple of gentle hills making them suitable for skiers of all abilities. The Bait Hole Loop is roughly 3 miles long and skiers can take short cuts or add side loops to reduce or increase the distance from 1 to 8 miles.  

Skier at BSP trail intersection - Marcia McKeague2

The Bait Hole gets its name from a small pond that baitfish were kept in, isolated from the larger nearby lake by a causeway associated with the North Twin Dam. Large drifts can form near these causeways due to the strong winds coming across Elbow Lake. “No Wind Way” is a good option to avoid these drifts, and with the right conditions, the views are great from the causeways.

Interested in snowshoeing the Bait Hole Trail?  There is a designated area beside the trail for showshoers.

North Twin Dam Loop - West or left to North Twin Dam and loop back -- 1.6 miles. There is one steep hill by the dam.
Bait Hole Loop – West or left, then loops right (clockwise) continue on across causeways, north or right along Elbow Lake and then through the woods to Three Corners, then via Four Corners and return toward parking area, about a 3 mile loop.

No Wind Way / Causeway Bypass - Avoid wind, drifts and possibly low snow cover near the causeways.

Bait Hole Causeway from Marcia2

Center Trail – This trail begins at the railroad tracks and can form a short 1 mile loop with No Wind Way. It is also a good choice for spring skiing, even into early April, to access the rest of the Bait Hole during low snow.
Four Corners – The starting point for several loop trails. Beaver Pond Inlet Trail leads to the Old Boston Trail and to Super Loop. Both trails either loop back or continue to the Golden Road.   

These track set trails are maintained by volunteers with the Northern Timber Cruisers and Cross Country Ski Club and are available for your use without a fee. Donations to assist with maintenance costs are welcome and may be sent to the Northern Timber Cruisers, P.O. Box 269, Millinocket, Maine 04462-0269 with the notation, "Ski Trails".

Download the Bait Hole Trail Map here.  Free color-coded maps are also available at the parking area.

Parking for the Bait Hole Trail is roughly 3 miles from  Millinocket on Route 11 South.



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